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Victoria Carpet`s Resume:

Victoria carpet has Started producing a variety of all kinds of machine made carpets since(1999) . Production of high quality products , in a variety of types with high standards and using of the most up to date technology was one of the Victoria`s carpet attitude that cause apart from Iran`s inner extended market, we export our products, to Germany, Canada , Chile ,Turkey ,China , Kenya ,Tanzania , Dubai , France , Arabia , Afghanistan and etc. According to the Iran export regulations ,our factory is proud of being the top exporter in 6 years in row.

Variety of weaving machinery, a complete producing process such as spinning, weaving, sizing ,high pro and skilled staff and a reqular attendance in International fairs such as Germany , Turkey and china Demotex fairs ,made us to present our products to all consumers with different interest with a reasonable price in all over the world.

This factory , by using of high tech machinery systems in machine made carpet such as 1200, 1000, 700 , 500 and 440 reeds, and obtained the European National standard CE and Iran National standard enable us to present all kinds of carpet products such as Acrilan ,BCF, polyester ,kilim , coarse loosely woven woollen cloth ,Extra sizes , and etc.

Some of this factory`s achievements are as follows:

1-The top exporter of Iran in 6 years in row.

2-The top mine and industry complex in Iran in 5year in row.

3- The top standardize complex in Iran.

4- The top Research and development complex in Iran.

5- Holder of the TQM comprehensive management system in quality.

6- Holder of the top commercial mark according to the Switzerland Otherways.


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